Saturday, October 13, 2012

Haircuts for oval faces and curly hair

Soft waves and loose curls are an excellent choice as these are suitable for any hair length and they will create proportion without having an overly dramatic effect on the facial features. You can opt for a variety of curly hairstyles without having to worry that your face will be overwhelmed by cascading curls as long as you make sure that the length and the layering style is suitable for your features. Aside from choosing a good haircut, you must also make sure that the choices you make when it comes to hair styling are based on these principles to be able to get the best results.

 Layered hairstyles are highly recommended for oblong face shapes as they provide a good structure and they can be used to create the desired impressions by adding volume exactly in the areas where it is most needed. As far as the most suitable layering techniques, expert recommended razor cut choppy layered hairstyles to balance out the facial features.

Choppy layers create an instant impression of volume, widening the face. Another easy way to create more suitable hairstyles for this face shape is to opt for curly and wavy hairstyles as these will soften the harsh angles of the face. However, when you opt for these kinds of hairstyles you should make sure that you don't overly emphasize the top of the head with short layers or styling techniques that add volume in that area. To avoid problems like this one a good rule of thumb is to avoid emphasizing layers that don't surpass the hairline.

Haircuts for oval faces 2013

It's a well known fact that hairstyles have a huge impact on the geometry of the face, having the capacity to modify our facial features in a decisive way, by modifying the angles and hiding some traits while emphasizing others. Those who have long faces often feel like they have a hard time finding suitable hairstyles for their features as they find it difficult to minimize face length. Although minimizing the overall length is important it is usually not enough.

For best results it is necessary to find ways to create an adequate balance between the length of the face and its width by balancing the narrow jaw. When it comes to oblong faces one thing that should be kept in mind is that extremes should be avoided at all costs. On the one hand, very short hairstyles have absolutely no effect when it comes to reducing length and spiky hairstyles can even create more unnecessary length. On the other hand, very long hair is not flattering for this face either, because long tresses tend to emphasize your facial features even more.

A good way to narrow down your options and to increase the chances of finding a suitable hairstyle for you is to choose hairstyles that surpass the jawline and to aim for shoulder length hairstyles as these are some of the most flattering choices for this face shape. In addition, avoiding middle parts is also a wise idea, as this is another element that contributes to the impression of overall length.